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omni-channel experience + brand identity & wit = interesting, informative & memorable content

  about me  

With experience writing and editing for a variety of formats in all mediums, I can create content people will stop to read. Whether you need fun campaign headlines, professional website copy, click-worthy blog posts or engaging profiles, I can make it interesting, easy to read and memorable. 

I'm also a pretty great proofreader. 

Ready to spruce things up a bit? Contact me and we'll work out a quote.

  samples of my work  

MAN Magazine Ad 

To reach out to their barbering community, CosmoProf purchased a two-page spread in the debut issue of MAN Magazine. I wrote to the identity and passion of the modern barber while elevating CosmoProf as their No. 1 resource. 

Texture ID Launch

As the introduction to a new line of haircare specifically for textured hair, I emphasized Texture ID's love of natural texture and embracing beauty in all forms, while also speaking to the scientific benefits of the collection.

CosmoProf Brand Book

This internal piece was created as an omni-channel guide for CosmoProf's Marketing Department. I spoke to the company's mission, voice and selling points, creating a unified vision for the brand. 

Trending Now - Product Descriptions

The Trending Now spread is the first thing customers see when opening CosmoProf's Shopping Guide. It highlights the cutting edge of products and tools and invites readers to see more inside.

The Numbers - Fun Facts for Spirit Magazine

For Spirit, I welcome readers to the magazine with fun number factoids. Read about why New Yorkers will outlive the rest of America and a barbecue sandwich that lasts two years.

Cover Story on Local Author Melissa
Bourbon Ramirez

For Denton Live, I profiled local author Melissa Bourbon Ramirez, the creator of spicy Latino mysteries and magical Texas tales. 

Profile on Bloomberg Executive Editor
Amanda Bennett

For Mayborn magazine, I explored how Amanda Bennett, executive editor at Bloomberg, became the subject of her own love story in her groundbreaking memoir, The Cost of Hope.

Dallas Observer - Alt-Weekly Newspaper

I covered DFW's comedy scene, odd inhabitants and quirky events for the Dallas Observer, an alt-weekly that let me get away with locker-room language.


Everyone Hates You - 
a Personal Humor Blog

A look into my life as a 30-something and why everyone hates you.

Catnap Comics - 
a Personal Webcomic

A comic about everyday annoyances, paralyzing fears and small victories. Also, cats.

All art and copy by me.